Solar Panel — Electrical Services in Garbutt, QLD
NQ Power Up Electrical are leading Townsville and Mackay solar suppliers and installers for commercial and residential projects. We supply all the top brands in solar panels, inverters and complete solar systems such as Ulica, Solis, Sunny Boy, SMA, JFY, Delta, Phono Panels, Canadian Panels, Sunlab Panels and Yorker Panels.

Before we install a solar system for your home or business, we will initially consult with you to discuss your energy needs. When determining the right capacity system for your commercial or residential requirements we will take into consideration factors such as average energy usage in the grid, how much excess solar power is required to compensate for overcast days and whether your energy use will increase in the future. Once we have analysed these details we can offer suggestions on the right system for your needs.

After you have selected a system, we will then professionally install it for you. All of our work is guaranteed and the solar systems we supply are backed by a comprehensive warranty. We can also install parts if required.

Arrange a consultation to convert to solar energy today. It is a valuable long-term investment in reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.

Ulica Panel Overview
Ulica Panel Technical Specifications

Standalone Solar Battery Systems

Sun-Sink Energy Systems are suitable for domestic and commercial use. These types of systems have a storage core (battery) in which to store excess solar power daily, to avoid having to use grid power. By saving energy in the storage core, it can be deployed when you need it, for example at night when your children are home from school. If your PV system is attached to the grid, ( a Grid-Demand system) this allows you to store energy to feed into your system when grid energy is expensive.